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40 Twitter Users Share Pics Screaming ‘I’ve Been In Quarantine For Way Too Long’


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As we have passed the one-year mark of the pandemic, people online decided to look through the year they have left behind and what the hell they have been actually up to. Over the course of the notorious 2020, we more or less spent our time in the shelter of our homes. If you aren’t a key worker and depending on which country you live in, then it’s most likely you have spent quite some time in quarantine with stricter or lighter rules and regulations. And as what we were used to as ‘normal’ all of a sudden vanished or turned into not-normal, or got blown out of proportion, we all of a sudden had to think of how to get entertainment for us and our households and more or less stay sane. 

The popular American actress Brie Larson addressed the internet community on her account @brielarson, asking people to say they’ve been in quarantine for a year without actually saying they’ve been in quarantine for a year. And if you haven’t baked something, put together a puzzle, or purchased tons of gym equipment, have you really experienced quarantine? Let us know what you’ve been up to and if you can relate to some of these posts in the comment section.

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