Cuffed Up Betches Are Not Happier Than Single Ladies

Cuffing season is upon us, and if youve already found yourself elbow deep in Smart Food popcorn dust and Trader Joes pounder chocolate bars, cursing your single status as yet another distant college friend Facebooks their engagement, know that youre def not alone.

And while some of us have feared an untimely demise where we drink a little too much wine and pass out and tragically get eaten by our cats in our mid-50s, science now says that we have nothing to fear.

Fuck yes. According to a recent study published online from researchers at Bowling Green University, betches who are single or unmarried are just as psychologically well off as nicegirls who are married, dating, or cohabitating. While the researchers predicted that women who were single would be psychologically worse off than their wifed-up counterparts, the data showed that being in a relationshipwhether it be marriage or cohabitationdoes not make a betch any happier. To put the cherry on the smug AF mug cake, researchers actually found that women who were in relationships in older age actually experience more stress than single women.

The study also found that compared to married men, singleSABs reported less feelings of loneliness and depression compared to their ball and chain-tethered brosefs. But lets be real, does that tidbit really surprise anyone?

I think the true moral of the story here is go on with your nasty-ass betchy self and do you and make Queen Bey proud.


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