Cute Dogs Video waking up owners

Cute Dogs Video Watch this funny feline video clip and you will never leave your feline residence alone again

See just how dogs wish to wake up their owners due to the fact that they want to play or eat or something. Typically aren’t they cute Hope you like our collection regarding charming puppies and cats, please share it Cute Dogs Videos

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    1. Veronica Plata if your parents for example hate cats, ask for a cat for
      your 10th or 16th birthday and they will get you a dog instead

    1. +brisa love
      I have that impression of beagles too, that they are a wild and a bit hard
      to control, but they are very cute.

  1. My dog woke me up in the worst way imaginable… his peed on my forehead.

  2. dog: hey fam… I know we were cuddling and everything but you gotta get

    human: no sleep…

    dog: dammit I’m going to pee on your face

  3. I’m Erica…From Surrey London….And My Favourite Was At 1:11 The Little
    Yorkie…Because I Own 2. :-)

    1. If a stranger feeds your cat, the cat will live with the stranger from then
      on. They don’t care who looks after it. It never loves its owner EVER

  4. One time my dog tried to wake me up by pawing at me. When that didn’t work,
    he started barking at me. He finally got me by licking my face too much.

  5. I wish my dog was nice when waking me up but NOOOoooo he comes running in
    and jumping full welt onto me

  6. Was thinking about getting a dog, but I am having second thoughts now. I
    don’t want some dog waking me up. I need my sleeps.

    1. +ramivalencia That’s what our “barking alarm clock” did. That is bark and
      scratch on the door.

  7. my cat used to slap my face (he was declawed on his front paws) to wake me
    up whenever my brothers forgot to feed him. It was better than an alarm
    clock that’s for sure.

  8. this is truly precious, Cmon wake up I’m hungry, I wanna pee, I wanna bobo,
    I wanna go for a walk…. hahahahah

  9. When my dog wakes up, he comes on my bed, starts licking my face until I
    wake up. I love my Baloo. <3

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