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Dad’s “In Stitches” After Finding Out These Texts From His Wife

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Kids get into loads of random mischief. Not too long ago, one kid figured out how she could abuse a Zoom bug that effectively let her stay out of school

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due to technical issues. Well, the ingenuity does not stop there.

There’s another group of kids who are up to no good. But in a funny, and hence, good way.

One Twitter user has recently tweeted out some rather suspicious texts from his wife. Well, it says that it’s his wife on the phone screen, but it’s actually someone who managed to figure out her computer password and use it to their advantage.


Kids are devilishly genius when it comes to getting their way…

Image credits: Rain0975

… and this guy’s kids are living proof of it

Turns out, Michael’s kids managed to find out mom’s password, and started using her computer for personal gain

Image credits: CruzKayne

So, writer Michael Cruz Kayne has kids who have managed to get their hands on his wife’s computer password. And of course, they’re gonna use it for personal gain!

But what sort of gain can that be? Well, Michael shared a screenshot of how it all materialized. Turns out, they used his wife’s computer to send him messages. What about it?

Posing as Michael’s wife, the kids attempted to appeal to his human side and said, in a wifey tone, that the kids have been going through a lot at school (supposedly Zoom school) and that they deserve something nice. Nice translating to device time, and roblox during school time.

The jig was up very fast and Michael soon sent the screenshots to his wife to see what their kids are up to


Image credits: CruzKayne

But the jig was up immediately after it was on. Despite the message being written in an appropriate tone and even trying to clutch it with that “love you” at the end, it was obvious to Michael that this was a ruse.

He sent a screencap to his wife, to which she replied “Huh??? Who wrote this??”, prompting Michael’s response “Your scheming kids.”

Though it is not yet known what happened afterwards—whether they got punished, praised, or there’s some form of sweet revenge coming up, what is definitely known is that the people loved it.

The tweet spawned numerous other stories, with people sharing what methods their kids used

Image credits: ElektroChik

In just a day, the tweet racked up over 325,000 likes with nearly 20,000 retweets and made some headlines online.

It was only natural that some responded with the things their kids did to achieve similar benefits, from writing (forging?) letters to, not kidding, dressing up and impersonating others.

Image credits: CactusCooper


Image credits: BirdieNumNums_1

Image credits: leed12th

What makes these letters even more fun is the cutesy child type font and the hilarious spelling errors, like “[name] will not be a bell to go to school today” or “I will make your life a nitmare.”

Others were hella bold and just straight up wrote an excuse in the vein of “She didn’t do her homework, she’ll do it by next lesson.”

Image credits: PraxisProfD

Image credits: fuzzi_mcapples

Image credits: PostcardHistory

Image credits: 222busy

Yet others didn’t write letters at all but instead “hacked” parents’ passwords by using the Forgot Password function, which automatically sent an e-mail to an already logged-in e-mail account, or created new users for whatever tech they were using to avoid any restrictions.

Image credits: carrjames2000

Image credits: alonewithjahseh

Image credits: GracieRayeSmall

Image credits: JennDavisSharp

Image credits: heydianaheyy

Image credits: SharonLeavy1

Image credits: Ryan_P_Miller

Image credits: ruffletheanimal

You can read the entire thread and all of its replies here. But before you go, let us know what you thought about this! Do you have kids, and if so, any stories of them getting what they want and failing to share? Share them in the comment section below!

Here’s how the rest of the internet reacted

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