This Dog Gets Makeover That Saves His Life!

Dog Gets Makeover the Sanctuary Canine was discovered on the side of the road and gave an L.A. Location Sanctuary

Charlie the Shelter Canine was found on the side of the roadway and also brought to an L.A. Location Sanctuary. He was covered in excruciating burrs. Charlie should be adopted fast due to the fact that the facility was a high kill shelter.

The Change saved his life. After his transformation, he was adopted. There are hundreds of other canines in shelters just like Charlie. Share this video clip making a difference.

Special Thanks to Hollywood Pet grooming. and Baldwin Park Pet Care Center.

For more details or to donate most likely to: or visit your neighborhood sanctuary.

Producers: Hai-Lam Phan, Dawn Poomee, Brittni Brown.
Camera: Hai-Lam Phan, Dawn Poomee.
Manufacturing Assistant: Scott Kelley.
Editor: Phillip Cruess.

Dog Gets Makeover

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Comments 48

  1. it’s just fucking stupid that shelters kill animals. you can’t say you’re
    about saving animals if most of them get killed because then they’re better
    off on the side of the road eating out of the trash.

    1. It takes a lot of funding to house those animals until they’re adopted. The
      humane society in my town has spent the past 10 years working on becoming a
      no kill shelter and it took tons of hard work to make it happen. In fact,
      our town is now the largest no kill city in the nation (Jacksonville, FL).
      They had to join together with other shelters and work with many different
      sponsors to receive grant money to take care of the animals and hold
      multiple adoption events throughout the year. It’s very possible to lower
      euthanasia, but it literally takes millions of dollars that most shelters
      don’t have 🙁

    2. I know I sound like a terrible person but….if certain shelters didn’t
      kill the animals that don’t get adopted then we would run out of space for
      more animals that are found in the street and they would ALL die, rather
      than certain ones at shelters. Just what I think, I’m not trying to offend

    1. Dylan Otto
      Dogs can look very different after a haircut! My parents’ white standard
      poodle looks like a gigantic bichon frise after he’s trimmed and fluffed up!

    2. Dylan Otto Shelters don’t have enough money to buy food for all those dogs,
      if the dog doesn’t get adopted, they have no choice.

  2. It’s pathetic how you say all dogs deserve a second chance yet when they
    don’t get adopted after a week they get put down, sort yourselves out
    because it’s so so idiotic and selfish.

    1. I’m pretty certain if they stopped putting down some of the dogs, they
      would run out of space. But yeah it still sucks they have to do that. Also
      not all humans litter and not all humans are making particular species
      extinct, it’s just a few scumbags that either don’t realise what they’re
      doing is incredibly harmful or they do realise and don’t care. Didn’t you
      see the video? they helped the dog get a new home, doesn’t look like
      they’re one of those scumbags.

  3. Why don’t we have high kill shelters for the shitty people that abandon,
    abuse, and neglect animals. No animal should be killed just because it
    can’t be adopted out within a week. Humans need to start changing.

    1. EyesWithoutAFace 😠🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅

    2. EyesWithoutAFace It seems like we’ve deemed ourselves superior to every
      other species on earth, people need to take time to think about how their
      animals would feel, and put themselves In their pets’ shoes.

  4. The reason I unliked is because this shelter is a shelter that kills
    animals just because they don’t get adopted!!!! #theysuck ya all dogs
    should get a second chance!! THEN GIVE THEM ONE!!!

    1. They dont have the money to sustain the dogs for a long time. Though it
      would be fantastic for the shelter to keep all of them long enough to get
      that second chance it isn’t realistic and economical.

    2. They dont have the money to sustain the dogs for a long time. Though it
      would be fantastic for the shelter to keep all of them long enough to get
      that second chance it isn’t realistic and economical.

    3. I once researched how much it takes to take care of a dog and the price is
      a heavy one. If the cost of food and health care is pricy for one dog how
      much would it be to feed and heal hundreds of dogs for months and years for
      the second chance to come???

    4. SavannahStyles I agree💯💪🏽 why kill them! I hate that! If I could take in
      a million dogs I would!

  5. why doesn’t the pound even care about dogs like him next time they sould
    take more care of him

  6. I’m so glad that in Germany it’s forbidden to kill the animals in a
    shelter…don’t know why other countries can’t do it too…

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