Funny Video Dogs just don’t want to bath

Funny Video Dogs Want to discover a sweetheart or partner? Watch and learn how this funny crab handle this problem?:

If u ask a canine;
Stroll? D: Yea!
Cookie? D: Nom nom .
Cuddle? D: Certain!
Bath? Funny Video Dogs

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    1. So true. Got to be the alpha at all times. My dog wouldn’t ever growl like
      that. They are funny though

    2. If the dog doesn’t have a history of violence, this is exactly the sound
      where you should show dominance.

  1. You should never let a dog get away with snarling and growling and showing
    teeth to you. Give them an inch and they will take a mile. That is the kind
    of dog that would bite a child. I know, the savage dog people out there are
    not going to like this, but I have met you people. Savage dog people will
    let a savage dog around kids and be in total denial that the dog is
    dangerous. Savage dog denial people. They are out there. They are

    1. +Amazing Ashley Chan I tend to slant most things with a bit of humor so I
      hope it is that you are picking up on…..:D

    2. +Amazing Ashley Chan How is it used…..I have heard it used to mean
      something was outstanding in some way…, I got some savage tires for
      my car man….real savage……

    3. I was at a local carnival once, it was summer and very crowded. Some idiot
      thought it would be a good idea to bring his large aggressive dog. It was
      on a leash but there was a woman standing nearby with a baby in her arms, I
      saw it jump up and snap at the baby’s face. Neither of them noticed it nor
      did anyone else. It made me so angry, the stupidity of some people. Too bad
      they didn’t have cell phone’s (video camera’s) at that time.

    1. No correct it if it’s your dog. If it’s someone else’s leave it alone.
      Correct it right away. If you ignore it you give your dog a lot of power.
      But your dog needs to calm down and submit first. It’s generally best to
      put him in an empty bath and start slowly with a nice warm shower starting
      at the paws.

    2. lyn agdeppa no.. you should teach your dog that you’re the “alpha” or
      you’re in control. If you submit or leave a dog alone when it gets
      angry/snaps at you, then he’ll think that’s okay and they’ll continue doing
      that. It’ll make the dog think that they’re in control. Letting your dog
      growl at/do anything malicious towards you is the last thing you should
      allow. Disciplining your dog is really important and it’s a critical

    1. It’s deffo one of those 2, or a very over weight welsh boarder collie. But
      colour wise, less in favour of the saint bernard, just couldn’t see its
      Plus vid should have been called:-
      Dogs don’t wanna have a bath, they just wanna have fun.

  2. My dog had an attitude like that everytime I dried him.. Idk why or what I
    was doing wrong. I tried to be gentle but after I finished drying him he
    was always back to his usual hyper self. He was a chihuahua and a pug
    mix… Any ideas why??

    1. Olaf video Don’t Understand room

  3. some of those dogs most likely attacked their owners, stupid people think
    nothing will happen. i have 4 german shepherds and none of them would ever
    growl at me like that. some people need to learn how to train a dog or not
    have one at all

  4. Good thing my dogs never snarl at me. They know better than that because
    you don’t act like pussies around them ASKING if they want a bath. When you
    say it is bath time, BATH TIME IT IS.. no negotiation.

  5. I am watching these videos and I am shocked at how many people have let
    their dogs become the pack leader, and subsequently the dog is dominant
    over them. I could take the collars off my dogs right now and say shower
    time and they bother go into the bathroom.

    1. I tell my dog to jump over 20ft cliff into a river and swim to other side
      to get a duck and he does it…actually dont even have to tell him…these
      dog owners are clueless..

    2. Steve Xyz you tell your dog to jump off a cliff for what purpose? having an
      untrained dog is just as bad as having an untrained owner who uses the
      control of his dog as an ego boost.

    3. the purpose is to retrieve ducks..ducks taste good.. I dont care if you are
      vegetarian.. ,also have a heeler…she moves my dogs are not tied
      up in back yard..dogs work..I dont know what it has to do with “ego”?

    4. I have a large wolfdog and I’m the dominant one in the house but when ig
      comes time for a bath and I have to carry her she does get grouchy and
      wiggles. Honestly the beat way I can describe it is like a child going on
      for a shot.

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