Hippo vs Lions! Hippo attack and Kills Lion

Hippo vs Lions hippopotamus Eliminates Lion|Hippo escapes death from the clutches of 17 Lions

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  1. I love how you photo shop the thumbnail to make it look more bloody. Shows
    exactly how cancer and petty you are

    1. Nicholas Dunn of course I was being sarcastic. There’s many videos with
      misleading titles on Youtube, and im being sick of it too. :L

    2. Markos Garcia No. Lol. I was being sarcastic. In my first comment. People
      make way to big of a deal about it honestly. That’s why I said out your
      hand on top of your head. So you can catch the point when it flies over
      this time silly.

    3. +Kezza Wozza You love that kind of thing? I’m interested to know why doing
      that to a thumbnail makes them look petty as well. What exactly about it
      makes it petty?

  2. Someone asked before why can’t the lions follow the Hippo into the water.
    Because they’re not stupid. If it were a zebra they would but not with a
    Hippo. The reason is the water makes the Hippo extremely buoyant and
    weightless, on land they are really slow but powerful, in water they are
    weightless and powerful and can twist their jaw around in milliseconds.
    Lions are not used to being in water either so it would just be suicide for
    them. Once in the water the lions stop. Even crocodiles won’t take on a
    hippo once it gets into the water, they are the most dangerous mammal in
    water. The lions must take them down on land.

    1. Crocodiles are aquatic also.they don’t “take on” hippos land or water,exept
      for a tiny baby if left unguarded.

    1. Tommy Alberts i came for the fight. You just proved your level of
      intelligence and it’s not very high.

    2. +Tomboy_47 LOL clearly, that’s what I came to see, but gore looked
      realistic in thumb. I seen Plenty and never seen a hippo get damaged. The
      vid was kak click bait.

    3. Tommy Alberts you can’t explain your stupidity, of you being drawn into the
      worst thumbnails in the world. This channel can’t make a good thumbnail if
      their life depended on it

  3. Duclaw should have not have tried a frontal attack, if the rest worked
    together they may of had a chance.. This Hippo sure had a hide not letting
    itself be dinner..

  4. Another false and misleading video. They outright lied to us all, as usual.
    This lion survived!!!

    1. Lawrence Kedz an injured animal can’t survive for a long time, no first aid
      there and no rescue system

    2. +akbar ali​
      This very same video, when seen in its entirety, shows Dew Claw recovered.
      This is due to the fact that I operated 3 times on that lion. Including a
      very difficult brain surgery which I was the only one in the world able to
      perform this operation. She’s well enough to be leading the hunt again,
      just as she did before this hippo attack. What you’re seeing is a partial
      clip from a much longer video. Thanks to me, she is better than new.
      To date, I have received six hundred & twenty two million, nine hundred
      forty three thousand & eighty six emails in support of my unimpeachable
      character. Please send donations so I can continue with my work to save
      more lions. Cash only please. Large bills accepted.
      P.S., I am not a crook.
      Thank you..

  5. the lion did not die it made it and stayed alive even after a 3 tonne hippo
    clamped it’s jaws round it’s face just shows how tuff wild animals are

    1. +Greg McGarry
      Obviously, you never searched “dew claw survived”. If you had, you would
      have seen it was hunting again within the week.

    2. +Josh Carnero​
      Hey Josh,
      What’s up bud? I thought she may have been brain damaged also. But I am the
      worlds leading animal surgeon, specializing in lions brains. So of course I
      went to check her out. And after I had performed a 22 hour brain
      reconstructive surgery, she was actually better than new. I realigned her
      brain patterns so that her life was back to one day before that hippo bite.
      So her life was just like the bite never happened. I’m a professional, so I
      can do that. I learned how to do this from an incredible woman who’s name
      is Ms. Whoops. She’s a professional too!!!

    1. Ihab Elyalaoui Yea sometimes they do. Do your research before trying to
      look smart on the internet.

  6. This comment section makes me glad that the people here live in homes,
    because they would not last a day in nature.

    1. Christopher Usman alao well no-one will complain when a buffalo horn
      pierces your neck and crushes your brain.

  7. The hippo should’ve killed them all. I didn’t know lions attacked hippos. I
    thought hippos were dangerous and not to be messed with.

    1. no, you are confusing nature with Detroit. At least you won’t have to worry
      about getting your $200 trainers stolen while lying unconscious on the
      ground in nature.

    1. +The Penny Pinching Jew But i’m an Englishman. I was born and bred in
      England. Yes England is in GREAT BRITAIN but i’m specifying exactly which
      part i’m from.

      Do you understand?

      I’m proud to be English. Fuckers like you try to make it racist for saying
      so. Brexit.

    2. +Member?
      Well then, I stand corrected. Might I ask, why were you on a video of
      animal stock footage with a poorly photoshopped thumbnail in the first

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