Jokey Tinder profiles are ruining the internet (and online dating, for that matter)


It’s Viral Market Crash week on Mashable. Join us as we take stock of the viral economy and investigate

how the internet morphed from a fun free-for-all to a bleak hellscape we just can’t quit.

I remember the halcyon days of the internet when jokey Tinder profiles elicited a genuine chuckle.

Those days are long gone. 

Six years after Tinder first launched, the internet is flooded with people’s thinly veiled attempts to achieve viral fame through their, let’s be honest, mildly-amusing-at-best Tinder profiles.

Back when Tinder was still a relatively newfangled concept, we hopeful, hapless daters were getting to grips with the new app like toddlers trying to walk. Every once in a while, someone’s earnest attempt to make themselves stand out from the crowd on the app would be shared into our feeds or timelines, inviting the mirth of fellow internetters. But, somewhere along the way, something changed. And, not for the better.


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