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Kellogg’s and Little Debbie’s Cosmic Brownie Cereal


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Call my taste buds Captain Marvel because Kellogg’s and Little Debbie’s new Cosmic Brownie Cereal is about to knock me out of this world and into another decade. Inspired by the childhood treat that had kids all over the playground swapping PB&Js and Lunchables left and right, the Cosmic Brownie Cereal pieces are shaped like crispy brownie squares and covered in rainbow sprinkles, and the nostalgia is real.

In the same vein as pancake cereal, chocolate chip cookie cereal, and french toast cereal, this brownie-themed breakfast is just a mini version of one of our favorite snacks, so chances are it’s going to be delicious. Available beginning in May, the cereal retails for $4 per box or $6 per family-sized box. Even if they are missing the iconic brownie frosting, the chocolate and sprinkles sound like a promising combo. So grab a box once they’re available, and in the meantime, check out this fudgy brownie recipe to try out at home.

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