Mexicans worldwide’s most terrible city are taking barbed cord straight off the boundary wall surface to shield their very own houses

 Militaries San Diego Tijuana concertina barbed wire border REUTERS/Mike Blake

.United States soldiers have actually stacked concertina wire along the US-Mexico border, which has actually been slammed as security theater with little useful usage.In Tijuana, where violence is climbing up, Mexicans have actually repurposed the wire for their own security.

Voluminous packages of concertina wire strung up by United States soldiers around ports of entry on the US-Mexico border have actually been slammed as screens of security theater that serve no genuine function.

But homeowners in Tijuana, which just recently topped a list of the most violent cities , seem repurposing the wire for their own security amidst a lengthy boost in criminal offense in the city. See the remainder of the story at Business Insider

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