Tennis star claimed the sport

A tennis star claimed the sport is full of lesbians. John McEnroes response? Epic.
Tennis star John McEnroes

In a fiery new video produced by Eurosport’s “Game, Set, and Mats,” American tennis legend John McEnroe blasted Australian tennis star Margaret Court for her recent appalling homophobic comments.

He also took the opportunity to unveil incredible plans to celebrate gay marriage in Australia when and if it becomes legal at the expense of Court … and with help from none other than Elton John.

Due to partisan gridlock, gay marriage still isn’t permissible in Australia. Demands on parliament to act seem to be hitting a fever pitch in recent years, though, as the public has shifted dramatically in favor of equality.

Should equality win out in Australia, McEnroe’s proposed celebration will be quite the memorable occasion.

To understand why so many people are applauding McEnroe, you first should understand how stunningly offensive Court’s recent comments about LGBTQ people really were.

In an interview with Christian Vision Radio, Court said transgender people are influenced by the devil, alleged LGBTQ rights activists are brainwashing children like Hitler had done, and claimed, disappointingly, that the sport she once championed is now “full of lesbians.”

That interview came on the heels of Court’s public boycott of Qantas Airlines after the company’s CEO voiced support for same-sex marriage.

Court’s comments haven’t gone unnoticed in Australia, either.

Many players have called for Melbourne’s Margaret Court Arena one of the country’s most prominent tennis venues to be renamed in light of her homophobic and transphobic remarks.

McEnroe, long known for his blunt candor, has other plans in mind for Court’s namesake arena. That’s where Elton John comes in.

If and when same-sex marriage comes to Australia, “I will personally call my good friend Elton John to host the biggest same-sex mass wedding ceremony ever seen in Margaret Court Arena,” McEnroe says in the video, addressing Court directly. “Margaret, thats the kind of guy I am.

McEnroe also tore into Court for her comments about tennis being “full of lesbians.”

The way I see it, there are three options regarding this statement,” McEnroe skewered, staring into the camera, both angry and amused.

“Number one: This is true, and who gives a f***? Number two: This is not true, and who should give a f***? And number three: This is half-true and should we really give a f***?

After the threat of her arena losing its name, McEnroe’s blistering takedown, and a good public roasting on Twitter, maybe Court will take a moment to reflect on the lesson most of us learned in grade school: If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.


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