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The Best Bridal Beauty Treatments and Salons


Looking for the best bridal beauty treatments to book before your wedding day? From hair treatments, eyelash extensions and teeth whitening to gel manicures and blow-dries, we put the best bridal beauty treatments to the test.

Wedding Beauty: The Best Bridal Treatments and Salons in London
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The Best Bridal Beauty Treatments Tried and Tested

As salons prepare to re-open, we test out the latest cult, trending and transformative beauty treatments so you can see what’s on offer as you prep, from head-to-toe, for your wedding day.

Hair Colour Transformation at Moe Harb London

When it comes to my hair, it’s fair to say I’ve been quite fickle of heart in recent years. I’ve tried and tested a few salons, been around the block with stylists and been tempted by all manner of techniques, colour combinations and cuts. But I finally think I’ve found the one. I’m ready to commit and it’s all thanks to the most amazing hair transformation from Moe Harb London. 

Just before Lockdown 2.0 I managed to secure a much-needed appointment at Moe’s salon, nestled in the new one-stop beauty concept at Beauty Club London, just off of Oxford Street, London. After years of bleaching and switching between varies stylists and salons, Moe had a real task on his hands when it came to sorting out my unruly mop, but

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Moe talked me through the best course of action, advising I ditch the standard bleach foil I’d become accustomed to and suggesting a softer approach. A combination of a balayage and buttery highlights to maintain the blonde but create a more natural, and manageable look.

Living up to his name as the King of Colour Transformations I almost didn’t recognise myself with my new glossy and nourished looking locks. It’s no wonder so many clients with damaged hair come exclusively to Moe and his Hair Rehabilitation programme.

Moe is renowned for his signature colour, precision cuts and artistic ability when it comes to blending hair extensions with the natural hair, and many clients come to see Moe, and hair extensions expert, Louise Bailey, with damage from over-processing. Often, this leads many to believe their hair simply ‘won’t grow any more’.

Knowing that this is often down to historically bad colour services and years of heat damage, Moe and Louise then come up with a ‘master plan’.

This rehabilitation program involves a bespoke hair colour service by Moe which causes no damage to the hair by keeping the top part of the hair strong as Hair Extensions London extensions are applied underneath to give the impression that the hair has been coloured but without the damage.

To book a consultation with Moe or Louise, visit Hair Extensions London

Brow Lamination at Blush + Blow, London


I once heard a makeup artist profess ‘eyebrows can make or break a face‘, as she whipped out what appeared to be a protractor and turned her client’s forehead into some sort of architectural sketch. While perhaps a little dramatic, I can certainly appreciate just how much a perfectly shaped and filled eyebrow can transform your makeup look.

In need of a bit of TLC, but having ditched my protractor at GCSE maths, I turned to the professionals to fix up my brows. Naturally, my eyebrows are quite dark in colour, but after years of plucking and threading chasing that perfect arch, can appear a little sparse in the middle. Before venturing down a more permanent route such as microblading (you can read all about that further down this article) I decided to try out Brow Lamination at Blush + Blow in London’s leafy Parson’s Green.

The expert team at Blush + Blow offer up everything from the bounciest of blow dries and semi-permanent makeup to botox and teeth whitening. As soon as you walk into the cool blue, Instagram worthy-salon you can see why it’s become a hub of all things beauty for Chelsea’s social set and TV stars.

I was immediately made to feel as though my brows were in safe hands as i was lead down to the serene treatment room, complete with calming music and subtle incense. After talking me through the brow lamination process, the aesthetician got to work. I must have drifted off as I emerged about around 30 minutes later with smoother, fuller, luscious brows.

A before and after of brow lamination at Blush + Blow

So, what is the brow lamination process? 

Originating from Russia, the brow lamination process is a new technique to boost your brows. To start, a lifting cream is painted over your eyebrows to break down the bonds of each hair and enable them to be manipulated into a new shape and direction.

The brows are then brushed in an upwards motion to give a fuller look and fill over sparse areas. A neatraliser is then used to set reforms the bonds in order to keep the hairs fixed in their new place. A setting lotion then helps to the fix the brow and a nourishing oil leaves them full of moisture and looking smooth, shiny and luscious.

The results of brow lamination last up to 6 weeks. I found my brows looked near on perfect for both day and night about a week after the treatment. In the weeks following, they only needed a little bit of a tweak and fill if I was going for a full makeup look.

Brow Lamination is now available alongside LVL lash treatments at Blush + Blow

Review by Isabelle Higgs

Lip Enhancement with Mr Olivier Amar at The Cadogan Clinic


In my opinion – and some may disagree – its your lips, not your eyes that are the focus point of your face. Although the poets like to harp on about the thousands of stories behind your eyes, it’s your lips that actually tell those stories and it’s the part of the my face I’ve most often critiqued.

After some deliberation, I decided to explore the option of lip filler. With the likes of the Kardashian’s and a new wave of Instagram models sporting fuller lips, lip filler has remained one of the most popular aesthetic treatments, but it’s no longer all about the ‘trout pout’. Many of those stars are now opting for lip filler correction and subtle lip enhancement is the new order of the day.

With this in mind, I consulted Mr Olivier Amar at Chelsea’s Cadogan Clinic – because I’m a firm believer when it comes to your face, you should only put your trust in the hands of the very best.

The Treatment: Lip Enhancement 

As part of his Facial Rejuvenation programme, Mr Amar uses advanced lip fillers containing a fluid, reversible and absorbable form of pure hyaluronic acid (HA). Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of healthy, youthful skin. I had asked for a subtle enhancement and after analysing the shape of my face and discussing my desired look, Mr Amar suggested the areas on the top and bottom lip that he thought would complement the structure of my face the most.

The Process

As well as meticulously explaining the process before, Mr Amar talked me through each step. Numbing cream can be used and was offered, however trusting my pain threshold, I opted for the use of filler with a numbing substance (Lidocaine) already mixed in. This meant it was less messy, and easier to see what was going on. The process was far less painful than I had expected. Although, I would say the injections are not painless and I could feel scratches of the the needle and the sensation of the filler. If you have a low tolerance for pain, numbing cream is still a great option.

The Look

The effects of the lip enhancement treatment can be seen immediately (although initial swelling my exaggerate the contour) and I was so pleased with the overall effect.

I had picked up a little bruising (which Mr Amar assured me was normal and actually a sign of good health), however this subsided within a couple of days.

Since having the treatment, I have received so many compliments on my lips and although people have noticed a change, they’re always surprised when I tell them I have had lip filler as the look is so natural and complements my face.

How long does lip filler last?

Mr Amar explained that the filler can last anytime between 4 months to a year. It can depend on the type of filler used as well as your metabolism (as this breaks down the filler in your body).

Mr Amar’s consultations start at £250, visit his website for more information.

For more information on facial aesthetics and to book a treatment, visit The Cadogan Clinic

Review by Ruby Norris

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