There’s A Festival In Nepal Where They Spend The Day

There’s A Festival In Nepal Where They Spend The Day Worshipping Dogs And We’re In Love

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Kukur Tihar is our brand-new preferred vacation! Kukar Tihar equates to the praise of pet dogs. As soon as a year in Nepal, all Nepalese pets (roaming and home-owned) get a royal treatment! In Hindu faith, the pet is a spiritual animal and are the animals that accompany us on our method to paradise– so when a year the Nepalese devote a day to humanity’s most devoted good friend and guardian.

During the celebration, each pet gets a flower garland called a “malla” positioned around their neck and their forehead is painted with a red-colored powder called “talik” or “tikka”. This mark signifies their sacredness.

Of course, the very best part– the banquet! Numerous goodies varying from fruits and cookies to cheese, meat and premium pet dog food.

And that’s not all! All pets, home-owned, roaming, and cops pet dogs then take part in an unique march that marks the event.

Enjoy some images listed below of the very best day in Nepal!


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