Unusual consider the accumulation to the 2019 political elections

2019-03-26 10:24

On matters relating to the destruction of the name of the ANC and possibly reducing support, the ANC prefers to do this job itself instead of leaving it to amateurs such as the DA, writes Ralph Mathekga.

there was any doubt that South Africa is a strange country where everything
happens and yet nothing major happens, the 2019 elections will surely remove
that doubt and reveal South Africa for the strange country it is.

lot has been said already about the 2019 elections. I have heard some of my
colleagues saying that the elections are the most contested yet. Well, we said
the same thing about the 2016 local government elections. I remember someone
saying the same thing about the 2014 general elections; that they were the most
hotly contested yet.

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remember the 2009 elections in which Cope made its maiden appearance; they were
also dubbed the most contested elections yet. It seems electoral competition is
just becoming more and more intense with each election.

is something that can be said about the 2019 elections that sets it apart from
the previous ones. The strange thing about the forthcoming May 8 elections is
that they have revealed how odd our society has become within a very short
space of time, and how that oddness is increasingly becoming the new normal.

for example the meteoric rise in popularity of the EFF among young people,
despite the party not having done much to inspire such admiration. Isn’t it
strange that the party that is not in government is set to receive more
electoral reward for its non-existent record, other than disrupting former president
Jacob Zuma to the point where he had to resign?

Zuma left office not because the ANC wanted him to go, but largely because the
EFF turned the hit on him whilst the ANC was conducting the longest feasibility
study yet on the implications of removing a rogue president. That is just about
it in terms of performance from the EFF corner; yet the party is becoming increasingly
popular as if it implemented an incredible youth unemployment programme that
lifted half of the unemployed youth from poverty.

strange thing about the forthcoming elections is that despite plunging the
country into the darkness courtesy of Eskom load shedding, the ANC keeps on
insisting that it does not expect the voters to punish them at the polls.

ANC keeps coming up in various inquiries including the Zondo commission of inquiry
into state capture. The party is openly claiming that it is the brains behind
the formation of this commission despite knowing very well that its former
president went to court to try to stall and ultimately block its creation.

surprises me is that the ANC could simply go the ‘no comment’ route whenever it
is asked questions to which honest answers will expose the party. Yet, the
party volunteers incoherent statements to anyone who cares to listen; clearly
losing out on the right to shut up when it comes to controversial matters that
involve the party.

is not only the ANC and the EFF that are behaving in a way that is stranger
than fiction; the DA is refusing to be left behind in the oddness stand-up

of nowhere, the DA issued a statement saying that they will now focus on
reducing the ANC majority to 55%. The DA has further conceded that they will
not focus on winning the elections because the elections are so unwinnable.

is odd for the DA to openly admit that Ramaphosa is indeed effective as the ANC’s
chief crisis manager whose job is to keep on asking people to trust him and
forget about corruption that has thrived in recent years under the ANC-led

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DA could have kept this information to themselves. In any case, what makes the party
so arrogant to believe that the ANC will allow them the privilege to reduce its
majority to 55%? It will get there without the help of the DA. When it comes to
destroying the ANC, the mighty ANC does not allow anyone such honour.

matters relating to the destruction of the name of the ANC and possibly
reducing support, the ANC prefers to do this job itself instead of leaving it
to amateurs such as the DA. Therefore, get off your high horse, DA; the ANC
will carry out its self-destruction programme without your help.

are headed to the elections where political parties such as the EFF incriminate
themselves by claiming without any provocation that they stand against
corruption whilst refusing to account on the VBS looting implying the money
stolen was just not enough to warrant any inquiry. That’s odd.     

– Ralph Mathekga is a senior researcher at UWC’s Centre for Humanities Research, and author of When Zuma Goes and Ramaphosa’s Turn.

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