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“What Is Something A Doctor Completely Ignored You Telling Them About When Clearly There Was Something Wrong?” (19 Answers)


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When TikTok user omqgabbi went to the doctor with a bunch of hearing problems, they just brushed her off, ignoring alarming signs. Eventually, she decided to share her experience in an attempt to inspire others to speak out against medical negligence as well.

“I couldn’t hear low tones, like men’s voices, very well,” omqgabbi explained in a TikTok. “And … if there was background noise, hearing was not a thing. I just — I had to intently focus on you to understand what you were saying.”

“I tell the doctor I hear well in a perfectly silent room. What does he do? He puts me in a silent room and tests my hearing. He proceeds to be like, ‘Wow, your hearing is perfectly fine.’ He turns to my mother, thinking he’s funny, and he goes, ‘Maybe your daughter doesn’t have a hearing problem, but a listening problem.'”

Turns out, omqgabbi has an Auditory Processing Disorder.

She also asked people to share a time when their doctor completely ignored them when it was evident something was very wrong. Sadly, they delivered.

More info: TikTok

As of this article, the TikTok has nearly 750K views


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