Why sex is about to get a lot less fun?

(CNN)Under a Donald Trump presidency, sex is about to get a lot less fun.

Yet despite its efficacy at preventing abortion, not a single national pro-life organization supports broader contraception access. That’s because at its heart, hostility to birth control coverage, Planned Parenthood, and abortion rights aren’t about “life” or “religious freedom” or any other right-wing buzzwords. Price and pro-life advocates like him easily disregard the health benefits contraception brings because they care more about women having sex than they do about women being healthy. From their vantage point, covering contraception gives women more freedom to enjoy recreational sex without suffering economically, professionally or medically from an unwanted pregnancy.
In that, they are correct. The ideological divide comes from whether you think this is a good thing or a bad one. The health and development data, at least, gives a clear answer: As a consequence of having control over our fertility, women around the world have seen our rights and status skyrocket. Fewer of us die in childbirth, fewer of our children die, more of us are in school, more of us make our own money, more of us are able to leave abusive partners and support ourselves and feed our families and marry for love. These are enormous gains. These are moral, social and political victories.
And yes, more of us are able to have sex without the anxiety of pregnancy, to enjoy the unique and fundamentally human pleasure that sex creates, and to tend to our relationships without the interruption and emotional devastation that an unintended pregnancy can bring. This makes women, men and children happier. It makes our relationships and our marriages stronger. It makes us better mothers and fathers. This, too, is an enormous gain, and a moral, social and political good
These things — good health, strong relationships, healthier children, pleasurable experiences — should be on offer for all women, not just those who can afford to plan their pregnancies. But the future of women’s health under President Trump, and HHS Secretary Price, looks grim: Price’s plan turns sex for pleasure into a luxury item and puts our health at risk. And it sends women a clear message: That partaking in a full range of human enjoyment and physical experience isn’t for us, and that we exist instead to reproduce.
Should we be surprised? DONALD Trump’s own behavior implies our role as women is to be professional beauties he can ogle and rate onstage, or simply bodies he can grab if he feels like it. Women’s sovereignty over our own bodies, let alone our pleasure, has never seemed to matter to Trump, personally, professionally or politically. Price’s nomination is just one peek at what Trump’s notorious misogyny will look like when it’s translated into policy.

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